BiPAP Auto

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Compact Design With System One Resistance Control. Advanced Event Detection Flow Wave Forms Through Unique Software. Respiratory Pressure Adjustment Only On Patients Triggering.

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Philips Respironics REMstar BiPAP Pro

The Philips Respironics REMstar BiPAP Pro gives top quality sleep therapy for patients. The machine is equipped for conveying two separate pressures for both inhalation and exhalation. The Heated Humidifier and Head Tube in the REMstar BiPAP Pro which guarantees to give patients the most agreeable BiPAP treatment. The heated tube furnishes patients with a steady and agreeable temperature flow, so they can get the most efficient treatment.


– Resistance control keeping to allow the machine to adjust for the particular mask type that is being used with the machine. The Resistance Control even incorporates a numbering system. This numbering system can be effectively coordinated to the settings on the mask itself to guarantee reliable treatment result.

– The Pressure Relief technology permits the machine to look at every individual breath to provide maximum pressure help at particular points during the patient’s breathing cycles. This implies that patients will have the capacity to move from exhaling to inhaling and the other way with ease and comfort.

Personalisation: With Philips Respironics REMstar BiPAP Pro, treatment can be personalized to meet your needs for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The device provides several special features to help make your therapy more comfortable.

Adjusting Pressure: The ramp function allows you to lower the pressure when you are trying to fall asleep. The air pressure will gradually increase until your prescription pressure is reached. You also have the option of not using the ramp feature at all. Additionally, the Flex comfort feature provides you with pressure relief when you exhale during therapy.

The  Respironics REMstar BiPAP Pro system offers several options in how therapy is delivered. Hence, the treatment can be personalized to meet your needs for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The system can be set up as a Bi-level device, which delivers two different positive pressure levels: IPAP (Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure) and EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure). The system can also be set up as a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device. Your home care provider will choose the appropriate pressure settings for you. 

Specifications of REMstar BiPAP Pro:

Pressure Range: 4 to 25CM H20
Flex Pressure Relief: Bi-Flex
Ramp Time: 0 to 45 min (5-min increments)
Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 10 cm
Weight: 1.36 kg CPAP Filters: Foam and Ultra Fine
Device set-up: LCD/control wheel/push button
Data storage capacity(minimum): Display: Compliance VIC ,1,7 and 30-day averages SD Card: >1 year On-board: up to 6 months
Compliance meter: Breathing detection
Altitude compensation: Automatic
Electrical requirements: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Humidification: Integrates with System One heated humidifier and pass-over humidifier
Power Cord: DC power cord Pressure (under faulty conditions): up to 35 cm H2O
Miscellaneous: Lighted LEDs

System one REMstar Auto Bipap Features :

  • Advanced event detection
  • Opti-Start Feature
  • A-Flex for comfort
  • System One Resistance Control
  • Mask fit Check
  • Waveform reports
  • Oximetry module
  • On-board memory
  • Smart ramp
  • Encore patient management system
  • SD card and wired, wireless, and broadband
  • modem capable

Contents of Box:

  • Bipap System
  • Reusable grey foam filter
  •  User manual
  • Disposable ultra-fine filter
  • Carrying case
  • Power cord and power adapter
  • SD card
  • Flexible tubing, 22 mm
  • Humidifier (optional)
warranty : 2 years


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