Blue Auto

Large Colour Screen With Improved Sensitivity Through Complete Spectrum Of Respiratory Events. More Compact In Design And Motor Capable Of Delivering Accurate Pressures.

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DeVilbiss Blue Auto :

Our DeVilbiss Blue series utilises the latest advancements in sleep technology to offer great performance, maximum comfort and the ability to optimally monitor patient therapy.

Deep Blue :

A Powerful new algorithm for detecting and responding to events. The algorithm in the DeVilbiss Blue sets a new standard of data and performance. Improved sensitivity to a full spectrum of respiratory events means it detects more data and responds to a new level of accuracy, giving the user the most comfortable experience. Its powerful logic allows the DeVilbiss Blue to differentiate and report simple Obstructive Apnea from more complex scenarios, including Central Apnea and mixed disease. Hypopnea, obstructive apnea, snoring, expiratory puffs, leaks, flow limitations, RERA’s, Central apnea, periodic breathing are all now detected and reported with DeVilbiss Blue.

True Blue :

Unrivalled performance from an accurate stable yet incredibly quiet motor. At the heart of a CPAP is its blower motor. An off the shelf motor would just not do. To meet the demanding requirements of DeVilbiss Blue, our engineers started from the ground up designing the motor of our custom capable of delivering strong, stable and accurate pressures, yet is the quietest device we have ever made.

Clear Blue :

Easy to set-up, easy to use. Our large colour screen and intuitive control wheel make setting up and using DeVilbiss Blue incredibly simple. Graphical displays of functions like SmartFlex and Flow Rounding become easy to interpret and adjust.

Cool Blue :

Maximum comfort, no rain-out.PulseDose humidification is a new technique developed by DeVilbiss to combat nasal congestion and dryness of the throat and nose. It works by delivering heated humidified air during inhalation only, and non-humidified air during exhalation. This gives the user maximum comfort whilst conserving water and eliminating ‘rain-out’ from the tubing ensuring a minimum of 8 hours uninterrupted sleep – with no need for an expensive heated tube! PulseDose humidification consumes the least water and power compared to traditional heated humidifiers. We offer both standard and PulseDose humidifiers as optional accessories.

Maintenance Free :

Apart from regular cleaning of the filter, We developed the DeVilbiss Blue to be maintenance free for its lifetime. Every device is designed, built and tested to the highest quality by our skilled and dedicated team.

Connect Blue :

Monitoring and improving sleep therapy in any situation. Treatment adherence is vital to the care of OSA patients. Being able to monitor data and respond rapidly if any changes are needed improves patient compliance leading to a better night’s sleep. DeVilbiss Blue has many new ways to transmit and receive data for monitoring and improving sleep therapy.

Technical Specifications:

LED Screen: 2.7 / 4.3 inches Color: White
Mode: CPAP / Auto Sound: <34 dBA
Reslex: Off/1/2/3 Pressure Range: 3-20 cm H2O
Pressure Increment: 0.5 cm H2O Ramp: 0-60 minutes
Weight: 0.9 kg / 1.7 kg with DV6HH Alert: Power Fail / High Leak
Humidity Level: Off / 1-5 Auto On/Off: Off (Default)
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 15.5x15x9.4 cm Power Supply: Input Range 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 A max
Storage: SD Card

This Package Includes:

  • DeVilbiss Blue Auto
  • 6-foot CPAP tube
  • Carrying Bag
  • Patient Manual
  • Power Cord
warranty : 2 years



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