REMStar A-Flex

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Features With Opti Start, A-Flex Comfort, Advanced Event Detection And Onboard Memory. Complete Compliance Data With Advanced Software.

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Philips Respironics REMstar Auto A-Flex CPAP

Description :

The Philips Respironics Remstar Auto A-Flex CPAP enhanced System One sleep therapy system is designed to deliver exceptional therapy, enhance patient comfort, and provide essential compliance tools.

The Auto A-Flex CPAP machine is a device designed for patients who are suffering from breathing problems, particularly those with obstructive sleep apnea, snoring, sleep disturbed breathing.

Available Therapy Modes:

  • CPAP – This mode delivers Continuous Positive Airway Pressure; CPAP maintains a constant level of pressure throughout the breathing cycle.
  • Auto-CPAP – This mode delivers CPAP therapy while automatically adjusting the pressure level to meet your needs.
  • Auto-Trial –This mode delivers CPAP therapy while automatically adjusting the pressure level to meet your needs. The auto-trial mode is limited to a specific number of days which is set by your physician. Once the set number of days has elapsed, your device will automatically transition to CPAP-Check mode.
  • CPAP-Check – This mode delivers CPAP therapy while automatically adjusting the pressure level to meet your needs. Pressure adjustments while in CPAP-Check mode are more gradual than those that occur in Auto-Trial mode and the amount of adjustment that can be made over time is limited.

Available Flex Comfort Features:

The REMstar Auto A-Flex device offers the following optional Flex comfort features:

  • C-Flex – Provides pressure relief upon exhalation to improve comfort based on your needs.
  • A-Flex/C-Flex+ – Provides pressure relief taking place at the end of inhalation and at the start of exhalation to improve comfort based on your needs. When providing Auto-CPAP or Auto-Trial therapy, this comfort feature is called A-Flex. When providing CPAP or CPAP-Check therapy, this comfort feature is called C-Flex+.

Technical Specifications


Operating Temperature: 5° to 35°C(41° to 95° F) Color: Black
Storage Temperature: -20° to 60°C(-4 to 140° F) Relative Humidity(Operating&Storage):15 to 95%(non-condensing)
Atmospheric Pressure: 101 to 77 kPa(0-2286 m/0-7500 ft) Physical Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 10 cm
Weight(without humidifier): 1.36 kgs(3 lbs) Flex pressure relief : 0-3
AC Power Consumption (with 80W power supply): 100-240 VAC,50/60 Hz,2.0 A DC Power Consumption: 12 VDC,6.67 A
Altitude compensation : Automatic Maximum Flow Rate: 22mm tubing, 15mm tubing (heated or non-heated)
Pressure Range : 4-20 cm H2O Data storage capacity : Display : compliance , 1, 7 and 30 days averages. SD card >1 year : On-board : up to 6 months.

Contents of Bag:

    • CPAP Machine with Power Cord & Adapter
    • Tubing
    • Two Foam Filters
    • Carrying Case
    • User Manual
    • SD Card

Additional Info about Auto A-Flex CPAP:

  •  The REMstar Auto A-Flex device has an auto-trial mode which delivers Auto-CPAP therapy for up to 30 days. It then automatically transitions into CPAP-check mode at the pressure that the patient was at, during the trial period.
  •  The CPAP-check mode monitors the optimal pressure for every 30 hours. If it finds out that the pressure is incorrect, the CPAP Auto A-Flex automatically adjusts the nightly fixed pressure. Subsequently, therapeutic pressure is monitored, thereby enhancing long term patient care – which is adaptable to the patient’s pressure requirement over time.
  • The REMstar Auto A-Flex device can also provide the information related to therapy hours i.e. the difference between the time the patient is receiving the therapy and the time when the blower is simply running. This gives valuable insight into how much the patient is dependent on the therapy and also helps in monitoring improvement in condition. The machine can be used even during travelling over the air (flight journeys).
  • If the Auto A-Flex makes a high priority alert with a sound alarm of a continuous two-beep, it is advisable to contact the operator. The REMstar Auto A-Flex should be used only upon doctors recommendation. The device provider will make the required pressure settings only based on your physician’s prescription.

Information Screen:

Info Screen From the Home screen, highlight “Info” and press the wheel. The following Info screen will appear. The user cannot change settings in the Info menu.

Note: These screens are only for reference. Your home care provider may periodically ask you for this information.

Status: This displays information sent from a peripheral (SD Card / Modem)

Phone-in:  This screen displays the total therapy hours for the device, the total blower hours, and the total number of days used when the sessions were greater than 4 hours.

Compliance VIC: This screen displays the start day and the total number of days used when the sessions were greater than 4 hours. This screen also displays a check code number used by your home care provider to validate that the data provided by you is the data taken from this screen.

Therapy hours: Displays the amount of time the patient is receiving therapy on the device for the most recent 1-day time frame.

Days > 4: Displays device therapy sessions that exceeded 4 hours.

Large leak: Percentage of time patient was experiencing a large level of a leak, that the device feels it’s no longer possible to determine respiratory events with statistical accuracy

AHI: Displays individual Apnea/Hypopnea indices (AHI) for each session the patient used the device.

Periodic breathing: Displays patient’s nightly value of periodic breathing for the most recent 1-day time frame.

90% pressure: During any given night, the device recognizes the 90% Pressure achieved by the Auto Algorithm.

Auto-Trial: This screen displays Days: xx/xx (where xx/xx is the number of accumulated trial days/number of selected trial days).

CPAP-Check: This screen will either display XX.X (where XX.X is the CPAP Check Pressure)

warranty : 2 years 


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